Tiger’s Den CrossFit

Tiger’s Den is where getting fit and healthy happens, where Tiger’s train, in our 11,000 sq ft space located in the Dallas Design District, just a couple minutes from downtown. We are lucky to train in a vintage 1940’s warehouse, making it a special warehouse of fitness. Our incredibly friendly community and vibe further sets us apart. This is a place that feels like home, where you know people, where others talk to you and bring you into the fold, where you’re cheered on by your peers wanting you to succeed. This is a place where you work hard and have the best workouts of your life!


Dedicated Coaches

Our experienced coaches are dedicated their craft and to helping you reach your health and fitness goals, to seeing you succeed and reach new levels.

Josefina Saldana

Coach Josefina has 16 years of competitive gymnastics coaching experience. She herself is an amazing gymnast and athlete, has been doing CrossFit for 7 years and has recently dedicated herself to coaching full time. If you want to take your movement and fitness life to the next level, Josefina will help you do so. She’ll be a burst of energy for you every time.

Derek Gilbert

Coach Derek, as a former wrestler, excels in gymnastics movements as well as wrestling with the barbell. You also won’t find anyone better at the dreaded Double Unders with a jump rope. He has been coaching CrossFit and a founding member of the TigerFit Family for over 10 years! He knows the ins and outs of it all and helps all levels take that next step toward better.

Nick Blasco

Coach Nick has been in and around a gym his entire life, a forever athlete and amazing trainer. His work ethic and passion is unmatched. He cares and takes the time with everyone he works with. He will help you maximize your strength and workouts and keep you motivated for life. And if you need a custom plan to reach your goals or to help balance and rehabilitate your body, he’s got you there too.