For All Levels

Get ready for some of the best workouts of your life in the most friendly gym you can walk into. Tiger’s Den is a space to grow and develop mentally and physically, a place to improve your movement, how your body is functioning, and your overall health and fitness. This is where you get better. This is where you face adversity in order to grow and make lasting positive change. You can expect a full hour of training, customized and led by your coaches, with the right level of movement and work for you.

TigerFit Transformation

Are you ready for your transformation? Are you ready to make a strong commitment? Then our TigerFit Transformation plan is for you. This is no doubt the most powerful way to start your CrossFit journey. This package comes with your own personal Coach to help you on your journey and hold you accountable. It includes a 30 day nutrition challenge with a nutrition consultation and a minimum commitment of 3 beginner friendly classes a week. By the time you finish your 30 day challenge of workouts and nutrition, you will see the results and be on fire to continue. Not only that, but you’ll feel as though you can conquer any workout or fitness adventure thrown at you.

This is great as a way to kickstart your journey, especially if you have big goals and want to see results in the fastest way possible. We have regularly helped individuals begin by losing anywhere from 10 to 30 lbs and inches off their waists.

This program comes with 30 days of unlimited classes. We want you to focus on a minimum of three a week to kick off your success. Any extras are a bonus and means you are killing it.

TigerFit (CrossFit)

TigerFit is our core CrossFit program. Workouts are carefully crafted for our community and are sure to challenge any fitness level, scaled and modified for beginners, scaled up for the most fit. The program focuses on being the most well rounded CrossFit training available with a balance of strength and conditioning, endurance and interval training. We place an emphasis on mobility, rehabilitating the body, and moving the best you can. Safe, fun, and challenging, these are guaranteed to be some of the best workouts of your life.

This program will not only prepare you for the sport of fitness, but it will prepare you to take on any life challenges. If you struggle to make it to the gym, to keep it fresh and exciting, to push yourself, then this training will be a game changer. We take an active role in coaching and helping our athletes to move better and more efficiently, helping strategize workouts and training sessions. You won’t be disappointed at your strength and conditioning gains. Get ready to get in the best condition of your life!

One-on-One Training

Let’s face it, often times we need more than a group setting to really take things to the next level. One of the most important is accountability. This is your ultimate program for accountability. We have a package where you can get one or more personal training session a week in addition to unlimited group classes. This will keep you improving your movement and technique in the difficult skills and lifts. If you are dealing with pain, this is where you’ll learn to better rehabilitate your body, to get rid of pains or to better modify and progress out of pain.

This can also be one of the best ways to start your journey. You’ll be light years ahead of where you would have been with even a month of one on one training. You’ll also have a much greater chance of sticking with it, reaching your goals and seeing the results. This is where you climb your mountaintop with a strong guide right there with you.

Our one on one training undoubtedly comes with nutrition coaching and consulting as well. Soon, you’ll be feeling better than ever!

Nutrition Coaching

At Tiger’s Den, we believe in the power of digestive health, that digestive health is related to all health. Another way to say it, no matter what is going on with your overall health, it can be made better or worse based on your gut health. This is the foundation of our healthy lives. It might be the more challenging part of it all, for it continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, versus the hour a day you may spend on your workouts. But this is where you will find the greatest transformation.

We will help you know what to eat, what not to, and what steps to take. We will talk about solutions for your lifestyle and habits. We will get you focusing on consuming nutrient dense foods that still taste good, foods that you want to eat, and compounding good nutrition in your body. And your body will respond! Some of the side effects may include increased energy, better quality of sleep, a sense of calm and strength in the body, lower inflammation, less puffy and bloated, less abnormalities going on overall, clearer, more radiant and rosy complexion, excess weight dropping off, adding lean muscle tissue, and more. Each journey is personal and unique.