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Your Burning Questions Answered

Your membership will be deducted on the same day each month. If you would like to set up an alternative payment schedule, please have a chat to us.

Our membership agreement is simple. When set up on an autopay membership, you simply have to provide 30 days notice to cancel. No other contracts.

We accept all major credit cards or bank draft ACH payments. For autopay memberships, we add 3.5% to credit/debit card transactions. No additional fee for ACH autopays.

Yes, you can put your membership on hold for up to 3 months, at which time billing would resume and you would be responsible for payment. If you were unable to return, you would still be responsible for your 30 days notice to finish out your membership agreement.

You would simply need to fill out a cancelation request through the link at the bottom of our site. This would initiate your 30 days notice.

Absolutely! We love our out of town visitors. We have a daily drop in fee of $25 or $69 for a week.

Absolutely! If you are considering joining the TigerFit fam or starting a new journey, we would love to have you come try a class.