This website has served us well for almost 2 years, an awesomely effective way to show we have a good thing going… but it is time for a change. Our new website will be a much simpler and more effective design, as well as having increased functionality. We have been putting so much time into […]

New Website, New Classes, New Everything

The new schedule is posted in MB and updated on our website. If you are not connected with us on social media because you are better than that, good for you. Now, we will have everything on our website so you dont have to use cumbersome, alien social media platforms like FaceySpace or Instahgrammb to […]

Handstand Gymnasty

You should see “Handstand” on the board at least once a week this month. With our focus on gymnasty, we cannot neglect the handstand. More specifically, we cannot ignore the exercises which prepare the wrists for this feat. The group of wrist and hand exercises you are doing on these handstand days this month have […]

A Focus on Gymnasty


Wrapping up the last 4 weeks of aerobic endurance training has been tough. Many of you in the PaleoPR challenge beat all of your scores on all of your events over 10 minutes, this was the goal. A bigger engine to roar into the summer with.   For the next four weeks, we will be shifting the […]