Faster Than a Lifter; Stronger Than a Runner


Faster Than a Lifter; Stronger Than a Runner For the longest time, I, much like many women until seemingly recent years, convinced myself the BEST thing I could do to stay “thin” was to run. All of the running. I barely ate and just ran for maybe 45 minutes a night. I thought I looked […]

**Under Construction**


Hey All!   We’ll be in the process of changing the website this week; it is possible that every day you visit us you will see something different. We will do our best to make sure that all important content (such as WOD’s, class times, blogs and contact info) are always displayed! We thank you for […]

My Least Favorite F Word

As I’ve started my Crossfit journey I have learned something. Fitness is not about working out. Nor is it about eating right. Or supplements. Or fat loss. Or gains. It’s about all of those things rolled into one. And I’ve also learned I freaking suck at it.    Because at the end of the day […]

“My legs feel like death.”

day after leg day

          “My legs feel like death. I literally cannot walk. Do you know that video of the goat falling over without moving its legs? That is how I feel today after that WOD yesterday.”“Haha, yeah. Just get ready for the second day after the WOD. It’ll hurt even more!” ….COOL. JD’s […]