Thank You, Lieutenant Murphy


          If you do CrossFit, you know of the workout called “MURPH.” But honestly, even if you DON’T do CrossFit, I’m sure you saw posts yesterday about it from all of your friends who do. On Memorial Day, all of  the CrossFit nation stands united and completes (no matter how tough) […]

“It’s just like…stretching, right?” The Truth of Yoga

First, watch this video of dudes trying yoga for the first time because it is everything. I was an avid yoga-doer a number of years ago on a regular basis, but then I had my son and could no longer go when the classes were offered. In addition to Tiger’s Den CrossFit in Dallas, […]

Heavenly Raw Chocolate Mousse…lived up the the hype

chocolate mousse

Real life: Paleo is flippin hard to follow. Fortunately, Dallas has a lot of restaurants that accommodate the CrossFit Paleo enthusiast, but making things at home is rough. ESPECIALLY if you are like me and have a terribly prevalent sweet tooth…but dislike coconut with a passion. Coconut is gross; sorry, but it is. It is […]

Diversity: Spin Class – 1; Sara – 0


One thing that draws so many people into CrossFit in the Dallas area is for the variety. The workouts are “constantly varied,” challenging us in different ways on the reg. We have an excited anticipation whenever we walk in and get to see the WOD written on the board. But…what if you need a change […]